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Tranquil Aromas Inc.

Candles | Cosmetics | Home Décor

Tranquil Aromas is a black-owned mompreneur business.

Building this brand was birthed to establish a safe zone online community. Creating and maintaining positive mental health through crystal infused candles, cosmetics and home decor.

Understanding alternative therapies and spirituality have played a big role in building this brand. As a mom that has battled mental health issues like; anxiety, depression, aromatherapy and building healthy boundaries within my home and within society became the top priority.

Having to be someone else’s advocate alongside my own was definitely an added pressure; however, quickly became one of the key inspirations for thinking, feeling and walking by grace to become a better person. With a consistent thirst for growth, Tranquil Aromas can now be of service to others by sharing experiences, tips, fragrances and natural handmade products to help the community along their positive mental health journey.

Having a clean, uplifting and high vibrational environment forces a positive surrounding and habits to the mind, body and spirit.

A valuable lesson;
Your home is your safe haven. Release all that does not serve you and surround yourself with love and light, ALWAYS!

- Tranquil Aromas

Creating and maintaining positive mental health.


About: Mission
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