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Introducing Tranquil Aroma's very own Verbal Tranquility Blog!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Welcome to Verbal Tranquility Blog

Alternative Therapy, Family Activities and Literature


Welcome to Tranquil Aromas' Verbal Tranquility Blog. We are dedicated to sharing a plethora of information regarding alternative therapy healing practices fit for the entire family, home decor ideas to match your aesthetic needs and literature to explore your world of imagination.

As the brand owner of Tranquil Aromas and mother of five, it took many years to master juggling all aspects of my personal & work life. Motherhood is one of the biggest commitments you could ever make, not to mention being a woman in itself!. In becoming a mother from a tender age, a lot of my focus and energy was centred on my children and the social life a youngster should experience wasn't part of the picture. In my case anyway. Getting tied up into being the main provider of my family and exploring my own interests quickly became overwhelming. Every day is a learning experience and my journey is one that I would never change, despite societies views of construct. It took me quite awhile to really and truly accept the lifestyle I choose for myself. I began to try and live my life according to the public eyes. Over time I developed a mental illness called anxiety and depression. A disease that takes over your mind because spiritually I was not living the life I was destined to live. I covered up many of my God-given talents and tried to live righteous in the views of society. Attend post-secondary, find a job in field and have a significant partner. I was devastated and disappointed in myself for doing things backwards and tried everything to adjust my lifestyle. Now that I look back, everything truly happens for a reason and life takes every person through a different journey based on their souls desire. I am here to say, it's alright and everything will work out for you in the end. As long as you understand your own values, stand firm in them and dedicate yourself to continuously learn from all obstacles.

Before this life lesson was revealed to me I chose to isolate myself due to the statistics I fell into. Let me tell you, isolating yourself based on others opinions on your life is not it! You can easily

get caught up in a mental battle, in which depreciates your health both physically and mentally. Diminishing your true power held within.

The birth of Tranquil Aromas was to share the many natural ways of healing, create art and share snippets of my journey to encourage other women and mothers living with mental health issues.

I am happy and over joyed to share all that I've learned along this journey, continue to learn and possibly become of assistance to other women and mothers experiencing a similar path. Our mission is to create and maintain positive mental health through alternative therapy practices.

The Verbal Tranquility blog's main focus is to create discussions and would be through aromatherapy, alongside honourable mentions of other types of alternative therapy, fun activity ideas for the family, home decor ideas as well as herbal benefits + remedies.

I look forward to connecting positively with women and mothers worldwide. Subscribe below to gain access to our members only space for exclusive discussions and content. A community of like-minded individuals that have experiences, productive feedback to share and productive exercises to engage in are welcome.

Follow us on all our social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest @TranquilAromas and Join our Facebook Fan Page @TranquilAromasHD. Send us your feedback #VerbalTranquility.

"Health is the greatest wealth."- Mark Twain


Creating + Maintaining Positive Mental Health through Aromatherapy.

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